About Singpoli


F ounded by Herman Hui, a professor of structural engineering, Singpoli began as a construction company in Hong Kong in 1977.  Over the next 14 years, Singpoli participated in the construction or renovation of many landmark properties in China, including the Great Hall of the People and the Beijing 1990 Asian Games Village.

In 1991, Singpoli established itself in Southern California and quickly expanded into real estate investment. The Savings & Loan Crisis was underway in the US, and Singpoli capitalized on the market depression by acquiring an office building in Orange County, California, that the Orange County Register reported was the lowest per-square-foot price in a decade.  This winning strategy of finding opportunities amidst uncertainty would come to define the company and propel our success into the 21st century.

Local and Asian investors bought a prominent Pasadena office complex for $52 million in what may be the largest office property sale of the year in Los Angeles County, a real estate brokerage said Tuesday.

Roger Vincent, LA Times

In 2009, when the US real estate market faced another downturn, Singpoli made one of the largest commercial real estate purchase transactions in Los Angeles County, California, according to the Los Angeles Times.  Moreover, on January 7, 2010, Singpoli was named one of the top 50 new buyers in the nation by US Capital Trends, who ranked us 8th out of private equities and 12th overall.

Today, the business extends into several other real estate disciplines, including architecture & design, development and real estate services & management.  We also offer investment opportunities for high net worth individuals, institutional investors and immigrant investors.  As a result, Singpoli represents an integrated, comprehensive, one-stop solution.  From financing to design, to construction and leasing, Singpoli is able to identify and execute a remarkable opportunity from start to finish.

Our Mission & Vision

In Chinese, “Sing” means honesty, sincerity and credibility. “Po” means protection and preservation. “Li” means profitability. Put together, Singpoli stands for honestly protecting the best interests of our clients, investors and employees.




The logo, which represents a glowing flame, embodies Singpoli Group’s passion, ability, and commitment to sustain and strive in all economic climates.

Honesty is an inherited core value from our multi-cultural background. Singpoli Group’s cornerstone for business success is based upon honesty and a vision to serve as the leading real estate industry link between the east and the west.

This enduring foundation continues to reinforce the platform where Singpoli Group expends across multi-facet disciplines in the real estate industry, including architecture design, development, investment, construction, asset management, and finance. The synergy and expertise from these disciplines proved to be crucial to the group success in completing several high profile syndicated real estate transactions.

Professionalism and integrity make up the core of our business. Singpoli is the honest solution for successful transpacific real estate business.

Our Philosophy

Throughout our more than 30 year history, Singpoli’s guiding philosophy has remained the same: recognize opportunity amidst uncertainty. Where others see problems or danger, we often see an undervalued property. From there, we strive to maximize asset values and achieve high rates of return for our global clientele.

There is no risk-free real estate investment, though. To manage risk, we select only the most desirable locations both for investment and development. We pay close attention to cash flow, quality of tenants, market dynamics and financing alternatives. Only by taking great care with the details have we been able to withstand the test of time and produce a track record of excellence and efficiency.

The other key is leveraging our collective knowledge, insight and powerful connections. Thanks to our diverse expertise and multicultural heritage, Singpoli can provide complete real estate services as well as advanced investment solutions, including asset management, wealth management and immigrant investor projects.

In addition to our real estate activities, Singpoli supports art and charitable organizations within the local community, including investments in innovation projects in Pasadena and cutting-edge medical research at local universities.

About Singpoli Group