The Monkey King: Journey to Success

Winner of Fantasy Trophy 2017

Marco Polo: East Meets West

Winner of Sweepstakes Trophy 2016

A Bright Future

Winner of Grand Marshal’s Trophy 2015

Connecting Cultures Delivering Dreams

Winner of Extraordinaire Trophy 2014


Singpoli Group has been supporting education and funding research and development projects of many outstanding universities and associations.

The Arts

In addition to our success within various real estate disciplines, Singpoli supports the arts and cultural development within the local community,including sponsorships of symphony and museums.


Singpoli is always committed to its social responsibilities by supporting good causes and community-based organizations such as Boy Scouts of America and American Cancer Society.

The Monkey King: Journey to Success

Trophy2017 Fantasy Trophy Winner

This magnificent floral spectacle is inspired the epic novel “Journey to the West.” The classic adventure story has been called an Asian “Lord of the Rings.” In the novel, Sun Wukong, the monkey king, weathers countless trials on his journey to self-discovery.  The float features several real waterfalls because, according to legend, the monkey kingdom is hidden behind a waterfall. The scene is set in a lush floral landscape overflowing with roses, orchids, anthurium, heliconia and protea. The Year of the Monkey ends in January of 2017. The story of Sun Wukong emphasizes the importance of strong, reliable character with a good leadership and teamwork, a hallmark of BDK Capital.

Marco Polo: East Meets West

Trophy2016 Sweepstakes Trophy Winner

The theme for Singpoli’s 2016 Rose Parade float is “Marco Polo: East Meets West”. Designed by Charles Meier, the piece is highlighted by an enormous fire-breathing dragon and features hundreds of thousands of flowers gathered from around the world. Singpoli’s float was awarded the 2016 Sweepstakes Trophy for excellence in creative concept and design.

A Bright Future

Trophy2015 Grand Marshal’s Trophy Winner

The theme for Singpoli’s 2015 Rose Parade float is “A Bright Future”, which befits the overarching Rose Parade theme of “Inspiring Stories”. The float’s body consists of a Firebird spreading its wings, as it is ready to soar, a symbol of rebirth and hope. Alongside the Firebird are peonies and a dragon totem to represent auspiciousness. The parade float exudes an elegance borne of creativity and a high-end finish as a longstanding message dedicated as a positive image towards society. The Firebird embodies Singpoli’s multicultural approach in its business. By incorporating these ideas, Singpoli’s float was awarded the 2015 Grand Marshal’s Trophy for excellence in creative concept and design.

Connecting Cultures, Delivering Dreams

Trophy2014 Extraordinaire Trophy Winner

Singpoli Group amazes the millions of spectators in the 2014 Rose Parade with an inaugural float titled “Connecting Cultures, Delivering Dreams”. The 55-foot long float features a 34-foot tall pagoda and two-winged horses, and the float has been adorned with more than 20,000 orchids and 10,000 roses. Depicting a dream scene inspired by Chinese legend, Singpoli’s float features two magnificent “tianma,” or “heavenly steeds” soaring over golden rooftops and lush gardens. The Tianma is the eastern counterparts of the western Pegasus, representing Singpoli’s commitment to making ”Dreams Come True,” the Rose Parade Theme, by bringing eastern and western cultures together in harmony and prosperity. The design also features graceful Chinese cranes, which are symbols of longevity, and fanciful lotus blossoms which are symbols of purity and perfection. This float not only joins the common ground between the Chinese and the American Dream, but it also merges the eastern and western culture perfectly. Singpoli’s rose float won the Extraordinaire Trophy, on the most spectacular float.