Singpoli is proud to be event sponsor for 2016 “History Makers” Award

The Chinese American Museum Tuesday (August 23, 2016) announced award winners for its 20th annual “History Makers” event, scheduled to be held Sept. 15, at the Bonaventure in downtown Los Angeles.

“These are people in our community who are setting an example of what being a Chinese American means in our society.”

Dr. Gay Yuen, Past President of Friends of the Chinese American Museum

“The Chinese American Museum holds and preserves our history.”

Tuesday’s announcement press conference, hosted at the Hotel Constance by Kin Hui, CEO of the Pasadena-based Singpoli Group, featured a wide range of honorees including Dr. Gang Ding, CEO of BDK Capital LLC. Ding is the Chinese American Museum’s International Corporate award winner.

Other award winners include the ABC-TV series “Fresh off the Boat” and Pasadena residents, philanthropists, Susanna and Evans Lam.

“These are people in our community who are setting an example of what being a Chinese American means in our society,” said Dr. Gay Yuen, master of ceremonies. Yuen acknowledged Ding for his contributions to higher education in the region.

“He is involved with several academic organizations that benefit the greater Los Angeles Community,” she said, pointing to Ding’s participation on board at the Claremont Colleges and as President’s Circle member of Caltech Associates.

During a speech to the 80 or so dignitaries and members of the press gathered in the hotel’s lounge, Hui praised the museum and thanked its board for honoring him in the past.

“The Chinese American Museum holds and preserves our history,” Hui said. “When you visit you will find how we work in the society since 100 years ago when Chinese Americans worked on the railroads to now. I am a Chinese American and proud to be a Chinese American. I’m so excited to be here in support.”

The complete list of award winners as provided by the Chinese American Museum includes:

Dr. Gang Ding (International Corporate Award). “Dr. Ding is the CEO and Co-Chairman of BDK Capital, a company whose investments and community involvement have contributed greatly to California’s economic growth. His support of the Chinese American Museum will help lead the Museum into its next stage of development and expansion.”

ABC’s Fresh off the Boat, produced by 20th Century Fox Television (Excellence in Entertainment Award). “The team behind ‘Fresh off the Boat’ is being recognized for their leadership role in creating the groundbreaking comedy series and boldly featuring Asian American actors in key roles.”

Bill Imada (Dr. Dan S. Louie Jr. Lifetime Achievement Award). “Founder of the IW group, a multi-cultural marketing agency, Mr. Imada is widely respected for his pioneering leadership in introducing unique marketing approached to diverse Asian American communities. IW Group today maintains a large portfolio of mainstream clients.”

Susanna and Evans Lam (Judge Ronald S.W. Lew Visionary Award) “Mr. and Mrs. Lam are being honored for inspiring others, especially young people, by sharing their stories as immigrants to the United States, reaching for the American dream, and then giving back to the schools and communities that contributed to the pathway to success.”

Kent Wong (Excellence in Law and Justice Award) “For more than 30 years, Mr. Wong has fought for social justice and community empowerment in the areas of labor, immigration and law through education and the legal system. He is also being honored for his decades of activism on behalf of Asian American communities.”

Esther Woo Jan (Excellence in Community Services Award) “Throughout her life, Mrs. Woo Jan has dedicated herself to service her fellow Chinese Americans and to the advancement of the Chinese American Community. Dubbed the Ambassador of Chinatown, Mrs. Woo Jan bridges the gap between pioneers and new immigrants.”

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