Whether you are a high-net worth individual seeking services in personal finance, capital or immigration investments, we will do our best to provide the most suitable investment strategy for you. Singpoli Capital Corporation will provide you a simple and highly effective investment opportunity by providing a bridge between the East and the West.

Singpoli Capital Corporation was formed for the purpose of leveraging the vision, expertise, and experience of its principals in the real estate and finance industries to secure a healthy return for its investors. The core business of Singpoli Capital Corporation is real estate investment and development. With syndication of investors and active management, Singpoli Capital Corporation focuses on acquiring, improving, repositioning, developing, and holding commercial real estate located primarily in State of California.

The firm is made up of an extensive network of real estate industry professionals, specialists, and operators. Singpoli Capital Corporation emphasizes on helping clients capitalize on emerging opportunities in the real estate market. We strive to maximize asset values and achieve high rates of return on investment for our clients. The unique combination of real estate services, practice groups, and investment products delivers comprehensive and integrated solutions to both local and international investors.