A California Real Estate Brokerage firm, Singpoli Realty focuses on investment properties of high quality areas in Southern California. We are also managing more and more corporate, industrial, and multi-purpose properties.

Singpoli is a licensed California real estate brokerage company, with a particular focus on commercial investment properties as well as high-end residential homes in the Southern California region. We are a boutique realty that provides service to high net-worth clients and investors.

Our primary mission is to deliver a steady stream of high-quality, adaptable, and productive work environments for a wide range of industries in Southern California. The resulting portfolio is managed to enhance value rather than size. We recycle capital from mature assets into new development and continually upgrade the quality of our portfolio to maximize potential returns for investors.

To further boost revenue and capital value, Singpoli is extremely proactive with leasing agents in managing lease rates, tenant improvement (TI) allowances, and tenant selection. We also practice hands-on, attentive property management, as we’ve seen firsthand how it can improve both the yield and capital value of a property. We are proud to say that we are the antithesis of distant institutional managers.