This magnificent floral spectacle is inspired the epic novel “Journey to the West.” The classic adventure story has been called an Asian “Lord of the Rings.” In the novel, Sun Wukong, the monkey king, weathers countless trials on his journey to self-discovery.

Sun Wukong’s exotic costume is styled after the Song Dynasty. His magical staff bursts into flame intermittently throughout the parade.

The float features several real waterfalls because, according to legend, the monkey kingdom is hidden behind a waterfall. The design also highlights the “peaches of immortality.” According to myth, eating just one peach guarantees 3,000 years of life. Sun Wukong becomes the protector of the peaches in “Journey to the West.” Because Sun Wukong travels in a cloud, the float also incorporates a mist effect. Monkeys frolic beneath the branches of the flowering peach trees while dragonflies hover over delicate lotus blossoms.

The scene is set in a lush floral landscape overflowing with roses, orchids, anthurium, heliconia and protea. The Year of the Monkey ends in January of 2017. The story of Sun Wukong emphasizes the importance of strong, reliable character with a good leadership and teamwork, a hallmark of BDK Capital.

This entry features an over-the-top floral display. The breathtaking gardens overflow with over 30,000 roses, including “Hot Lady,” “Wow” and “Tropical Amazone.” Over one hundred “Sexy Pink” heliconia dangle from the rocky outcroppings. Extravagant sprays of anthurium, cymbidium orchids, cattleya orchids, Song of India, king protea and curcuma bloom in the landscape. Palm fiber and pampas grass create the monkeys’ fur.

Sun Wukong’s opulent costume is embroidered with carnations, chrysanthemums, strawflower, gladiola petals and kumquats. Thousands of stems of phalaenopsis, dendrobium and mokara orchids cascade from the fanciful flowering peach boughs.